Fuck you Sunako (and Muroi)

I think this post is mostly spoiler-free, because it’s also mostly content-free. But you probably shouldn’t read it until you’ve watched the finale.

Damn emo lolis ruining my horror show

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Toshio Ozaki’s face of anti-Shiki WIN


I used to do Shotokan Karate. When blocking, they taught me to wait for the last possible moment and then block. You do this so your opponent can’t react and change their attack. The block is meant to be both defense and a counter. Knocking away the incoming punch/kick, and ideally doing some damage as well. Toshio and Natsuno have waited and waited. Watching the town being withered away. Watching their friends, family and even themselves die out. But finally in the 18th episode, they counter. And oh, what a counter.

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Kuragehime first impressions

This is the third of the anime I checked out. I decided I’ll blog Fortune Arterial, but please enjoy this anyway.

So I’ve thought about this for days, after I watched Kuragehime, and I can only come to one conclusion. I just don’t know. I don’t know if I like or I don’t. I’m not overly in love with it. I thought some parts were really amazing, but some parts grated on my nerves, and there still so much that the viewer doesn’t know, that I feel like I need more episodes before I can tell.

There’s bit and pieces I just really loved. The main characters comment about how what bonded them together was that even though they liked different things, they were deep down, nerds, and recognized that. The main characters knowledge about jellyfish, and the way she snuck in these scientific facts. The jellyfish we got to see was extremely cute. There’s of course the irony of thinking she’s come across the perfect women, only to discover he’s a man, which I found very funny.

I adore the detail put into the room, especially into her illustrations of different jellyfish.

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