The Summer 2009 season is great!

I’ve been bummed by the initial fall release schedule. Besides Railgun, there wasn’t one other show that seemed interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of deja vu. Because I know I said the same thing on a few blogs back when the summer preview was doing the rounds. I think back then, there were only two shows that piqued my interest, and you could argue that both were sequels: Umineko and Spice and Wolf 2. But as it turns out, like Low on Hit Points has mentioned, the summer season has been excellent. I can’t remember a season in which there’s been so many shows that I’d consider scoring an 8-10.

Hina blushing, again
No Hina has nothing to do with this post. And no, this blog has not posted enough blushing Hina pics.

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Summer 2009 First Impressions: Sora no Manimani

I was cautiously optimistic about Sora no Manimani. The description wasn’t that interesting and the character art didn’t seem that great, but for some reason – whether because School Rumble director Shinji Takamatsu was directing this, or because slice of life + romcom is right up my alley – I was intrigued. So did it live up to my modest expectations?

Mii-chan straddles Saku
Say no to bullying. Say yes to straddling.

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Summer 2009 First Impressions: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

The summer’s most anticipated series kicks off with a bang, or at least a vicious slap (~uu~). Have the tables been set for another thriller, mystery masterpiece from 07th Expansion and Studio DEEN? Or are we in for an underwhelming experience like the latest Higurashi OVA? I have no clue. That was just a rhetorical question. It is just the first episode. Thus, this is a pretty spoiler-free writeup. Normal format will follow in the subsequent weeks.

Rosa slaps Maria
Mother of the Year.

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Summer 2009 First Impressions: Umi Monogatari

So the first episode sure lived up to its description – to a T. A ring falls into the sea, two mermaids find it, return it and then certain events lead to one of the mermaids accidentally releasing a demon seal (although it was actually not on the sea floor). That’s what they said the show was going to be about, and that’s what we got. Now to figure out whether there’s enough to like to keep watching over the next eleven episodes.

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