Top 10 Anime Shows of 2011.

It’s the Final Countdown!

Please follow along with me as I go through my final countdown for this “Anime Year in Review” series. So far I’ve focused on characters, but now I will focus on the shows themselves. I present to you what, in my view, where the Ten Best Anime Shows of 2011! Continue reading “Top 10 Anime Shows of 2011.”

Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011

As promised, here’s the next part in my three-part 2011 Anime Year in Review series. From the Top 10 Male Anime Characters of 2011 we now move on to the fairer sex, as we count down the Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011. As for why I’m promoting this with a Madoka Magica group picture, it’s because no fewer than 3 of these 5 girls made my Top 10 list, and the other 2 could be considered ‘honorable mentions’. To find out which three made it, and precisely where they finished, please read on! 😉 Continue reading “Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011”

Anime Year in Review: Top 10 Male Characters of 2011

Over the next few days, I intend to put up a series of blog entries here on Rabbit Poets, all with the goal of looking back on what proved to be a coolly captivating comeback year for anime. These blog entires will focus on the characters, and anime shows, that I felt contributed the most to making this one of the finest years of anime in recent memory. Please join with me as we take one last look at 2011, before we ring in the New Year of 2012. Continue reading “Anime Year in Review: Top 10 Male Characters of 2011”

How to do Plot Twists in the TV Tropes Era

Why Modern Plot Twists Sometimes Meet With Derisive Laughter


In recently watching Blood-C Episode 11, and reading some viewer reaction to it, a certain fact became abundantly clear to me. That fact is that “Anime creators and writers have not adapted their storytelling approach for the TV Tropes era”. This is something I’ve suspected for awhile now, but Blood-C’s latest episode turned my suspicion into knowledge. So this blog entry is dedicated to exploring how to do effective plot twists in the TV Tropes era.

Now, before I continue, let it be said that this blog entry will include some spoilers. Most of these will only be implicit spoilers, however. Continue reading “How to do Plot Twists in the TV Tropes Era”

Nyanpire the Animation: One Half Stupid Cuteness, One Half Unrelenting Terror

In a season packed to the brim with lolis, psychotic killing constructs originating in a mysterious Japanese village, and the Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel opening, proving yourself extremely terrifying is a difficult feat to pull off. But Nyanpire has managed in its four minute runtime to pierce my solidly constructed psychological barrier and send me into convulsions of terror, waiting for it to end.

Nyanpire, if the title wasn’t expository enough, is a cat vampire who goes around doing cute things in an effort to act as much like a vampire as possible. In this case, he drinks a bunch of red liquid to satisfy a blood craving. It works, it’s cute, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. If I had to sit down and watch this once a week with my inexplicably Japanese child while inexplicably in Japan, I wouldn’t be at all opposed to it. I’d be confused as to how I got to be in that situation, but I’d roll with it until the end of the animation itself. Continue reading “Nyanpire the Animation: One Half Stupid Cuteness, One Half Unrelenting Terror”