Finishing the best animes are like saying goodbye to a friend

I finally got around to watching Steins;Gate during Thanksgiving. And then rewatching it this Christmas season with my sister. I thought it was a fantastic show. And it gets better the second time through. Actually, I thought even the pacing seemed quicker the second time around, maybe because I was noticing things I’d missed the first time. Even though the time travel to change fate storyline has been done, and quite well actually with Higurashi and Madoka Magica, Steins; Gate still felt fresh, smart, engaging and interestingly enough, lovable.


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Crunchyroll Collaboration and Giveaway!


In the last post for Nisemonogatari you may have seen a link to Crunchyroll at the bottom of the post. This is part of a Crunchyroll collaboration (or sponsortunity as Stephen Colbert might say) Rabbit Poets has engaged in. It won’t change much on the site from a content/design standpoint besides the end-of-post links you’ll see, but as part of the sponsortunity, I’m excited to announce that we’re giving away two premium 6-month memberships to Crunchyroll!

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Rabbit Poets – Three years and then some

Rabbit Poets was actually born in October 2008, so technically it’s already 3 years old, but I tend to celebrate the anniversaries close to the last day of the year, because a.) that’s when I became more serious about writing regularly and b.) frankly, it’s just easier to remember that way. Still, my relative absence over the last couple months did make me consider whether a picture of a funeral would be more fitting than a celebration. So with that said, I think I’m due an explanation and my thoughts moving forward.

Three years and hundreds of virgin followers

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Hello, again.

Watching Daikichi take care of Rin while she was sick brought about a heartwarming feeling. I remembered all the times my parents took care of me when I was sick. No words can express my thanks for their love and tender care. That is why now as an adult, I will return that care to them tenfold.

As RP mentioned in early June, I had to stop blogging at Rabbit Poets because of a family emergency. All the responsibilities, once shouldered by my parents, were shifted onto me. I assumed the role of Daikichi, and my sick family member took on Rin’s role. Episode 10 of Usagi Drop reminded me what every day of my summer was like. These past few months have been like a roller coaster ride and it has finally come to a stop. I have settled into my new lifestyle and now have the time to watch anime, read manga, and blog again. Thank you for having me again. I am happy to be back.

New writer alert: Please welcome Lemmi!

I know I’m going to regret proclaiming this, but I think Lemmi will be the last new writer I’ll be taking on for a while. Feel free to parse that language to determine how I could squirm out of that statement. But never you mind, please welcome Lemmi to the team! He’s here because he’s got good taste, writes well, and is a funny dude. –RP

I love Ouran High School Host Club! What about you?

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New Writer Introductions: Vee

I know it’s probably been said that adding another into the fray might shake things up a bit, but a little one such as this could only serve to better things!

This is me most mornings.

I’ve been given the green light to go ahead and put this up, as the wildcard anime review writer. The name’s Vee. Or Little One, if you’d prefer. (You’ve got to give me props for a cheesy opening line.)

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