Rabbit Poets featured on AnimeBlips? Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

I hate talking about myself. Doing so makes me blush brighter than Hinagiku sharing a moment in an onsen. Even my "site stuff" category is very bare. In the near year I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve written a site-introspective post just 4 times. One being my standard "hello world" post, and the last one way back in February when I finally replaced the standard Atahualpa horticultural header images with something more fitting.

Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

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It’s starting to look like an anime blog around here

This is a pretty long and self-aggrandizing post, so I don’t know if anyone besides me is going to find this interesting, but whatever. If you like reading about people’s thought processes, it should be interesting. And if not, go to the next post to see Mariya in a nurse uniform.

I finally took the time to change a couple little things that (I think) make this blog look a lot better. For a creative person with Photoshop proficiency, it probably wouldn’t have taken more than a couple hours. For a non-creative person like me, with only the bare minimum Photoshop skills, it took… well, it only took a few hours, but it was chances I had to concede and the two months of thinking I had to do in advance that made it a struggle.

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Header images

I’m finally replacing those horticultural header images with something more fitting. I’ll be testing different designs and sizes, so if things look weird over the next couple days you’ll know why.

The 2009 Not-So-Crystal Ball

Obviously, this is a very newbie blog. I didn’t actually start this with the intention to post often (although the amount of free time I had during Christmas week allowed me to post much more than I would’ve ever expected), I didn’t intend to do any episode recaps/reviews or anything like that. But as I got around to doing so, I found that it was actually pretty fun to do.

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Hello world!

This is my standard hello world post. I’ll be honest, I probably won’t be posting regularly, but I figured I’d use this blog to just post about anime series I’m watching. I love the MAL forums, but for the hot shows, its tough to keep up on the discussion and for the older shows… well, I just don’t see a reason to add a comment to a discussion topic that hasn’t changed in months.