An organizer’s thoughts on the aniblog tourney

Despite being one of the admins for the aniblog tourney I’ve been pretty hands off. Most of the credit for the work goes to Scamp, Mefloraine and Renn. But as someone who also helped kick off the first aniblog tourney, I’ll give you a little insight into the thinking behind the tourney.


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How I would’ve redone the aniblog tourney #TwelveMoments #2

The 12 Days of Anime project is CCY’s brainchild and the only way to celebrate the twelve moe-chwan~ days of Christmas!

Have I posted about this before? I swear I did, but maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was just in my head. Or maybe I left a comment out there somewhere on that poor little tourney site that people have already forgotten.


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Welcome Aniblogtourney visitors

Looks like its finally time for me to get up on the chopping block that is the Aniblogtourney. I’m facing off against JanaiBlog, under the radar pros with a really cool podcast series, who are actually beating me pretty handily so far.

So I’m testing Mikotoism ‘s tourney strategies (or whatever -ism it is these days) to turn that tide.

Akihabara Haruhi is very unhappy that we’re losing

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