Blue Exorcist 12. Bonus: A Mid-Season Reflection Review.

Besides my normal season review this week. I’ll be offering some added mid season reflection as an added bonus.

Praise Sata–err… the lord… er, whatever. We’ve finally reached the Mid-season mark for Blue Exorcist! Hurray! Anyway, Let’s see how our young Exwires fared for this week’s episode.

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Blue Exorcist 10

I understand this post is a week behind. However, this weeks episode will be posted tomorrow instead of this Sunday so that I am caught up. Thank you for your patience.

In this episode, our favorite exorcist twins are trying to survive in the scorching summer time heat by doing some studying. However, their quiet afternoon in there dorm is soon disturbed by a rather furious feline.
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Blue Exorcist 11

In episode of Blue Exorcist, Rin, Renzo and Izumo are witnessing all the spoils of summer. Though, as we soon find out, it’s no fun in the sun for these young esquires in training.


And we find them at the beach…selling fried squid.  Tell me, how is this suppose to be a mission? This smells more like child labor to me. Even if they are helping out Whisker’s (AKA: That infamous P.E. teacher that left his students completely unsupervised with the toad demons in the gymnasium.) wife out.


Anywho, Izumo ditches her team work opportunities by taking a dip in the deep ocean. However, this soon back fires. Karma is indeed a bitch.

But don’t worry Izumo! There’s no need to painc. Here comes a little boy  to save you from peril all while trying to score a little mouth to mouth as well.


Thankfully, Izumo stops him in time and decides to slap him and generally acuses him of trying to assault her. He screams back at her. Suddenly the kid just stops yelling and just pauses and then begins to…complement her?


Kids... They say the darnest things...

Rin and Renzo get to the bottom of the sand dune to meet up with Izumo and see if she’s okay. “Of course she’s okay!” The little guy pipes up. The little guy, uh, I mean, Yohei gloats about saving her life. Though, he stops mid sentence  just when he spots literately half of the town’s people running towards the pier and follows them. Of course, our trio of exorcist follow him out of curiosity.  Finally, they make their way to the pier where they see this really weird black stuff floating ominously in the ocean.

Rin,Renzo and Izumo can’t make heads or tails of what’s happening. Thankfully, they’re an old geezer shaman person conveniently standing right next to them to tell them about the tale of the demon that wrecks havoc the shores of the village.Buwahahahaha….

No, but, seriously. The old man tells the three of them that the village is seriously doomed and that a demon the size of a hill will come and wash the village away. Eager to show the young folk that he’s not completely senile, he takes them to a ancient shrine deep in the forest where he shows them a giant painting of a gargantuan squid monster.


Though, despite the old man warnings, Rin shrugs it off. After all, how do they know this thing even exists? Well, as it turns out, a local fisher came to face it one day and then just…disappeared.


With that piece of creepy information, the three of them run into Yohei again that evening. Poor kid needed to get directions to the pet shop so that he could buy some dog food. Shortly after they help Yohei finish his little errand, Izumo makes a comment about Yohei having to go out to the store on his own. That’s when the boy explains that his father went missing six months ago when he went on to search for the giant squid demon.


The three students go back to inn for dinner where they find out to their much despair that the meal is made up of entirely squid. After the “delightful” meal, they all settle down as their professor reads to them about these sea demons known as Krackens, the dreaded creatures of the deep.

The Moar you know...



Izumo goes away so that she can freshen up for the night. Though, after taking a dip in the bath, Izumo receives a visit from a certain someone.


Evidently, Izumo is quite popular with the the younger men…



Yohei walks up to Izumo rather gleefully and hands her some container of ointment and goes back to his house.


The next morning, Blackie, our little Cat Sith demon, is meowing frantically about something.  Rin wakes up with a start and walkes over to the window only to find the sea is still jet black in color. Professor Whiskers comes barging into the room and tells the group they must keep an eye on Yohei and stop him should he threaten to set sail to find his father. Surprisingly, Izumo is the first to go find him. Thankfully, she finally finds the boy just sitting on a pier just watching that endless horizon of Ocean in front of him.


Finally, the sun sets and Izumo convinces him that he truly wants to avenge his father that he cannot fight alone and…


Just that very second, the infamous Kracken that we’ve all been waiting for appears in the distance.

Rin and Renzo run down to the pier and begin to fend off the giant monster. Renzo clears this throat and starts to get a hymn going but it fails miserably because the creature cannot hear him uttering the fatal verses. The duo are almost killed by the Kraken’s powerful tentacles just when Blackie launches into full on demonic Sith form and comes to the rescue. Though, that only seems to help for a nanosecond, considering cats are allergic to raw squid.
Izumo decides to jump in, but her effort turns out to be in vain, once her papers that she uses to summon her harvest demons get soaked from all water the Kracken splashes at them.


Just then a harpoon flings across the screen. The camera pans over and it turns out to be….

The kid on a boat?

Jesus. Not only is this kid a bad ass but also a bligerent little sucker.

No, Yohei, you are NOT allowed to be in the water.

Finally, the kid nails the Kracken with his harpoon, the creature becomes furious and sends it’s tentacle smashing down, sending the little boy sinking down into the bottom of the ocean. Rin takes a quick dip and ultimately saves Yohei from drowning to death. Rin looks at the monster before him and unsheathe his sword so that he could get rid of the this horrid demon once and for all, where suddenly he hears a voice out in the distance. Turns out to be non other than… The boys father?

Yohei wakes up from his sleep trance and swims right over the small raft where his father is standing. He does it so fast you’d forget that the kid just suffered a really serious concussion.

The two reunite and have a classic father/son moment. Though it’s a very heartwarming ending, Rin and the others are still curious about the situation with the Kracken. Because, strangely as it turns out, Yohei’s father and the Kracken where going to go to travel Japan together, they both got lost and decided to go back home. Professor Whiskers then decides that this is the prefect opportunity to chime in and to offer his bouts of wisdom. He tells his students that even demons despite their evil disposition could also have a change of heart, just like humans. Happy endings all around.


How does this episode stack up?
It was an interesting episode. It was action packed and suspenseful even though it all ended on a rather cutesy note.

As far this episode following the actual storyline, it really didn’t surprise me that they threw in another “extra” episode. After all, we’ve been introduced to basically everyone in the opening credits. In this particular ep, we got a simple side story of a little boy and his father fighting a giant force that’s quite literately a huge force that was sent to destroy the two of them. Strangely, the highlight of the episode wasn’t any of the main characters, but rather a very minor character. Yohei is not a very important character in this series by any means but I really enjoyed his spunkyness.

Also, called me weird but one thing I noticed was the amount subtext in this episode, specifically the in the ending. Personally, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a good thing. That despite this show’s immature silliness and non stop Shonen action, I’m finally getting the feeling that someone is really trying to put some substance into this thing. In fact, after watching the episode, I can’t help but think that there’s a secert message in that ending.


Demons can also change their ways. In this world, it dosen’t matter who or what you are, it’s what’s inside your heart that counts. Surprisingly, this slightly Sesame Street-esque saying explains quite a bit. Let’s take Rin as an example, he’s the son of Satan after all, so perhaps it could explain why Rin would want to slay daddy Lucifer in his sleep so that he can save his friends and all of mankind.

Though, to be fair, (Now, don’t hold me true to this. I’m just theorizing here.)I can’t help but to think that little tidbit of information could also hold true the other way around. Perhaps, a demon, once good could also turn bad. Guessing from the lastest turn of events, I can’t help but to think of Mephisto and his recent unsavory actions. Could the director of True Cross truly have something dangerous in store for Rin?

A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: Episode 8 and Episode 9


Finally, all of you Blue Exorcist can lay to rest knowing there is going to be some action going around this place! We’re almost towards the middle of the series and so far here’s some plot stuff  that’s happening. We know that the Director of True Cross may have something up his sleeve for our young bastard of Satan. Also, some strange monster is loose in the school it’s self.  Any who, enough commentary for now, let us move on to the summery…

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A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: Episode 4 and Episode 5

I would like to take the time to apologize for posting so late. However, hopefully this double post will make up for the lost time. Thank you for your patience!

Alright, after pouring over this for a while, I came to the conclusion that Blue Exorcist episode 4 is like a breezy walk though a garden, while the fifth episode is a bit more like an intense power walk.

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