Chihayafuru Episode 2: Childhood Troubles

True to his words in episode 1, Taichi got the entire class to ignore Chihaya. She doesn’t mind the mistreatment and tells Taichi that he shouldn’t be mean to Arata. She blurts out how great Arata is at karuta and could beat the entire class. Taichi takes on this challenge and says that it shall be settled at the upcoming karuta tournament. Continue reading “Chihayafuru Episode 2: Childhood Troubles”

Chihayafuru First Impression: Beauty in Vain

Chihaya enters high school with hopes of starting a karuta club. This is definitely considered weird among her classmates and friends. They wonder why a beautiful girl, who is also the younger sister of a popular model, would be interested in such a boring game like that. Continue reading “Chihayafuru First Impression: Beauty in Vain”