Crunchyroll Contest Winners

The two winners of the recent Crunchyroll contest were… drumroll please… Dai1313 and Mint! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment. The winners should be hearing from a Crunchyroll rep within the next few days.

Crunchyroll Collaboration and Giveaway!


In the last post for Nisemonogatari you may have seen a link to Crunchyroll at the bottom of the post. This is part of a Crunchyroll collaboration (or sponsortunity as Stephen Colbert might say) Rabbit Poets has engaged in. It won’t change much on the site from a content/design standpoint besides the end-of-post links you’ll see, but as part of the sponsortunity, I’m excited to announce that we’re giving away two premium 6-month memberships to Crunchyroll!

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