Highschool of the Dead OVA: Why so serious?

You knew we were in for another hard hitting episode of HOTD when the gang randomly ends up in an island in the middle of nowhere and finds… a beach house.

Or maybe not

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Highschool of the Dead, episode 12: For those about to rock…

And so ends the first season of one of the most recklessly fun series I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Criticize the show for being light on substance, but it knew what it was and what it was supposed to deliver and that was sex appeal and violence. As Maximus would say, are you not entertained? Yes. Yes, I was entertained.

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Highschool of the Dead, episode 11: Escalation

Alright. So we might as well get this out there. There’s no tiptoeing around the bushes with this one. But you guys are all heartless bastards! Why? Because according to the results of last week’s HOTD poll, you guys have sentenced the innocent, lovable loli, Alice to her demise – sending her to join in Shidou’s bus of carnal delight. At the very least, let us please observe a moment of silence for a loli’s innocence.


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Highschool of the Dead, episode 7: Jiggle and burn

Plenty of action, an awesome insert song, and an even better insert/ED, censored nudity all over the place, jiggle physics maxed out to 11, the introduction of a loli, a pee scene for the fetishists… yep, quite a bit going on in this episode.


This is for all the Saeko fans who voted for her in the last poll. A gift from Saeko to you. Kouta and Takashi watch helplessly as the zombies chow down on some straggling people. Saeko plays the realist in reminding them that they can’t save everyone, and that shooting will draw the zombies’ attention, and the lights will draw the surviving humans attention. Honestly, at this point I’m more afraid of the humans than the zombies. The zombies are like miniature T-Rexes, only responding to sound. They’re slow, they’re predictable. They just come in mass numbers. People though… Yeah, people. Unpredictable, irrational, willing to turn on you. People will get you killed.


We see an example of this when a father and her daughter loudly try to find shelter, only for the father to get stabbed to death with a makeshift bayonet. It’s remarkable what a little knowledge can do for you. As the father loudly tried to force his way into the home, I couldn’t help but wonder what different approach he would’ve taken if he’d known that sound attracts the zombies. Similarly, would the family have killed the father, knowing that his daughter was likely to make a scene, thus drawing the zombies to the house? Luckily for Takashi and the gang, they’ve been able to stay pretty rational throughout.


As she watches her father pass, the girl, Alice, starts crying, drawing the attention of the zombies. To make matters worse, the rat dog that’s been getting everyone killed maliciously tries to get Alice killed by yapping away. He’s a walking zombie trap. Stupid dog. Pee scene aside, the director used a bit of fanservice restraint with Alice. Not one upskirt shot. Of course, she’s only 7 years old apparently. I would’ve sworn she was like 10 or 11.


Kouta’s protector instincts flare up and he breaks the "no shooting" rule and begins taking out the zombies that have converged on Alice. Takes them out like a pro. Probably nowhere near as good as Rika over long distances, but from the short to medium distance range, Kouta proves himself to be dangerously genius with the sniper rifle. Meanwhile, Takashi decides , that because they can, they need to do something. And with Saeko and Rei’s help, he takes off on the bike to save Alice, with Kouta providing supporting fire.


Takashi arrives and basically totals the bike as he takes a bad turn on a dead body, but is able to fight off the mass of zombies and close the gate. In a surprisingly subtle scene, he creates a makeshift memorial for Alice’s dad, allowing her to lay the final flower. I think HSOD is too hamhanded for these scenes to be too emotional or touching, but it wasn’t bad. And Takashi acquits himself as a pretty smooth operator. The Rei "do me now" face is a pretty good indication, even before he played loli hero.


Trapped with no way out, Takashi decides to take the aerial route. It’s a ballsy plan. One slip of the foot and your zombie food. Especially when you’re also carrying that stupid yappy zombie trap dog. I totally would’ve tossed that dog into the crowd and then made a break for it (although the zombies don’t seem to eat the animals). But things go too well, and next thing you know, Alice is pulling an R Kelly.


Things look grim when Takashi takes a misstep and nearly trips into the zombie mosh pit, but thankfully, the crew arrives driving the humvee, with Kouta taking the captain’s seat, and naked apron Saeko showing off her skills. Saving a loli, getting peed on, and then watching naked apron Saeko take out zombies while the apron (among other things) flopping all over the place? All in a day’s work.

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All in all, a very nice ep. The fanservice seems to become more blatant by the episode, but it’s what we’ve come to expect. I hope Saeko keeps that outfit for the rest of the show. I’m sure the apron serves some functional purposes. It’s light, breezy, keeps you from becoming overheated while fighting zombies. You probably want to tie the back, so it doesn’t snag on anything, and it’s not going to add much to the armor score, but it works.