Subs: Literal vs. Liberal

"Too cute your imouto is, young Skywalker!"

gg subs (which I now think should stand for “Gregariously Guffawing” subs) recently released a sub of Hidan no Aria Episode 7. It was a rather original troll sub job. While I find it a bit bizarre just how much some anime fans like the concept of being “trolled”, I have to nonetheless appreciate how gg is taking advantage of such a trolling opportunity to engage in sharply slick satire.


At least, that’s how I perceived their Hidan no Aria Episode 7 sub job.

For there is principally one factor, and one factor alone, that makes it a troll sub: The fact that it is an entirely word-for-word literal translation. It hence is, I think, gg’s attempt to implicitly comment on a literal translation approach to subbing anime vis a vis a more liberal translation approach.

Well, since gg has thrown down a gregariously guffawing gauntlet here, I think it is only apropos that we humor them with a response, and that’s what this blog entry will attempt to do.

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K-On 27: This is the series that never ends, and this is how it goes…

Recently released was the extra K-On episode that came out with the DVDs. While the episode has been floating around for a wee bit, the subs that had been released were questionable at best, so I waited for the Coalguys release. Now with that release, I can finally get one more taste of the adventures of the five girls before saying good-bye forev-

Oh, who am I kidding? With recent announcements of not just one, but two sequel mangas, it should be obvious by now that the adventures of the girls with continue on forever, or at least as long as the fans demand it. We’ll eventually end up with a Crankshaft version of K-On with the girls in old age. That’s one thing you can bet on.

But there’s nothing wrong with more episodes of these cute girls in action. Fyi, check out the new writers and say hi while you’re here reading this, if you haven’t already.

No, this is not a Christmas episode, despite what the opening shots might make it seem.

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K-On!! 26 It’s Sorta Of Over

And now the second season of the unexpected hit, K-On! draws to a close. It was a mostly low-key episode with the girls being concerned about yearbook photos and taking care of their sick teacher. Yet there were many subtle touching moments.

One of those was the girls standing on Sawako’s balcony watching the sunset. There was the obvious double meaning to this, what with the sunset being when the day ends, the girls’ high school year being over, and this being the last episode. Yet at the same time, it was a beautiful scene, seeing the four of them standing there staring out at the sky.

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K-On!! 24 The Story Ends

And here is where the story the K-On!! ends, although the show has two more bonus episodes. The day has come for the girls to graduate and leave high school forever. Usually this is a good thing, as high school means grueling classes and bullshit drama. It’s still a good thing in the world of K-On!!, as the girls are growing up and moving forward. Still, their version of high school makes me think of spending a lot with friends, rocking out, and just a never ending happiness, and it’s sad to see them leave it behind.

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K-On!! 23 We’re in the Final Stretch

The story of K-On!! is quickly approaching it’s end (although it seems there will be two bonus episodes) with this episode featuring on the day of graduation. I watched with a heavy heart, as they went through one activity after another, getting closer to the end that’s going to come. Yes, I am sad to see it coming to end, I’m not ashamed to say.

So first the girls starts off by doing nothing, then the go to clean out their desks. At least Yui and Ritsu do, as they haven’t already.

Bother Nodoka and Sawako.

Have lunch with Azusa.

Clean up the music room, something the poor place has needed for a long time.

Then, when school is over, and Azusa joins them, they perform one last time. This time, the girls record all their songs to leave behind a piece of themselves. Doing so takes them into the evening. With that, and all too soon, the episode is over.

These tears? Uh, my dorm room is dusty. Really really dusty. That’s all, I swear.  I’m not suppose to cry until the next episode, after all.

K-On!! 22 Of Course We Need Another Valentine’s Day Episode!

I wonder how many Valentine’s Day episodes I’ve ended up blogging. Heck, I wonder how many I’ve ended up watching. Each time I watch one, I just feel more and more tired of these episode. While they have their own slight differences, in the end, they’re all the same plotline of person making chocolates, person hesitating to give chocolates, eventually gives them, receiver loves them regardless of whether they are good or bad. This Valentine’s Day episode of K-On!! wasn’t exactly like that that, but I felt pretty bored by a lot of the episode.

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K-On 21: Of Yearbook Photos

The episode opens with a very cute sequence for anyone that’s a Yui fan of Yui posing in the mirror, trying out new hairstyles. It seems that senior photos are coming up, and she’s rather anxious about them. Well, they are a big deal. When I was a senior, we had to go to an actual studio, and get professional portraits done for the yearbook. I don’t know if the go that far out in Japan, but it seems they’re still important.

She's so cute...don't you just want to put her in your pocket?

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