The Winter 2011 Anime Season Preview is Back

After much consternation and soul searching about whether another preview post is even worth the effort, the season preview is back. I realized the season preview is not about the info itself, it’s not even about my opinions. For me, it’s about getting the chance to think about how to design the post – deciding what info to include, what to opine on, and then trying to figure out how to make it look better, easier to read and be more useful to people than the last version. Hopefully this latest version is a step forward from all the previous versions.
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Fall 2009 First Impressions: Kimi ni Todoke

So what is a shoujo show? Is it a guy singing the OP? Is it a girl being the lead? Is it the lack of any semblance of a harem? Is it featuring a guy who’s cool and competent, but sensitive and vulnerable? Is it flowers and pastels? If so, I guess Kimi ni Todoke’s got the shtick down pat.

Oh so deluded.

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2009 Fall Anime Preview – Bringing you the meh

I really hate HTML tables. 75% of the time spent on this post was messing with table code. I’m thinking I should format this differently next time around.

This fall seems to be the season for uninspired sequels. A good third of the season consists of sequels – of mostly crappy shows. It boggles my mind how many crappy sequels there are this season. In case anime studios are having difficulty figuring out what to make sequels for, here’s a list of sequels I’d rather see (that haven’t been announced yet):

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