Persona 4: A game or an anime?

To me, every anime adaptation of a game has felt like they took a game and tried to shoehorn an anime out of it. It’s always been obvious to me. Will Persona 4 be different?

Suck it.

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Persona 4 jumping to the top of “must see” lists

I know I’m late to the bus here, as far as P4 anime news is concerned, but I can’t wait to see this animated. Beyond the fact that it was a fantastic game with a great involving story (which I wrote about before), it’s looking like a solid cast and crew is forming for it.

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Persona 4 is the most fulfilling game I’ve ever played

Chie, Yukiko, Rise and Naoto playing games

There’s only a handful of games that have gripped me completely. Knights of the Old Republic is the first that comes to mind, for its tremendous story and gameplay. Ocarina of Time is up there, simply because it was the first game in which I felt completely immersed in a 3D world. Half-Life 2 is up there, partly for its story and gameplay and partly because when you talk about "cinematic" gameplay, no game does it better. And then there was Persona 3 FES, which caught me completely by surprise, but melded elements of RPGs and dating sims so perfectly, and so addictively.

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