Rabbit Poets – Three years and then some

Rabbit Poets was actually born in October 2008, so technically it’s already 3 years old, but I tend to celebrate the anniversaries close to the last day of the year, because a.) that’s when I became more serious about writing regularly and b.) frankly, it’s just easier to remember that way. Still, my relative absence over the last couple months did make me consider whether a picture of a funeral would be more fitting than a celebration. So with that said, I think I’m due an explanation and my thoughts moving forward.

Three years and hundreds of virgin followers

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Anime-Planet.com, a worthy replacement for MyAnimeList?

Apparently, I’ve had an Anime Planet account since December of 2009. At least that’s what my import history tells me. But it’s only with the recently unbearable MyAnimeList slowdowns that I decided to give AP a fair chance. I thought I’d take more time writing this post, but for whatever reason, it came together pretty quick.

I’m going to take a deeper dive into AP and outline things that stand out to me. The nitpicking will outnumber the compliments, but that’s more a function of my having been a pretty heavy MAL user for the past few years. Comparing AP to MAL’s featureset (vs. the vice versa) just comes more naturally to me. But I tried to back up my “want list” with reasons where possible, so this didn’t read like I was being a petulant brat. But these are all my opinions of course. Obviously, what’s important to me isn’t necessarily important to everyone else. (note: I used an adblocker to save space for screencapping purposes. Both MAL and AP have advertising, but the advertising is a lot less intrusive on AP. I don’t mind the ads on AP.)


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Thanks Nathan Grimm! (and the Guide to Art Schools)

I’ll let Nathan’s comment tell the story, but long story short, Rabbit Poets has won an award! Well, it’s not really an award per se, but more like general recognition – and it comes with a badge! (now on the About page). Either way, it’s an honor. Sadly, no top 5 placing, but I can’t argue with their top 5. So go check out the list and balloon your RSS feeds further.

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Back home… although I wish I wasn’t

Well, it’s been a long trip, but I’m back home… even though I wish I was still traveling =). I never realized how much fun it’d be. Next time I go to Japan though, I’m going to learn more of the language in advance. By the end of the trip I was getting around ok, but it was pretty rough at first.  You’d be surprised at how bad at English the Japanese are. Not even pronunciation bad, but literally not understanding bad. I plan on following up with sort of a recap post about the trip and some tips for those planning to travel there in the future.

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