It’s not a hiatus, it’s a vacation! (and not an April Fool’s joke)

Say goodbye

I’m glad April Fool’s is finally over, because I can finally post this without people thinking it’s a big joke. But I’m taking a hiatus vacation. "Hiatus" has such a negative connotation to it, especially in the aniblogsphere, so I’m rebranding it as "vacation." Continue reading “It’s not a hiatus, it’s a vacation! (and not an April Fool’s joke)”

Looking ahead to 2010

There’s nothing like the end of the year to make you reflective. I had hoped to start this post off by proudly announcing that although I’d been accepted to grad school for September 2010, I still planned to continue the blog. Unfortunately, all four schools I applied to gave me the middle finger, and since I had given the middle finger to considering any safety schools, it created this whole endless eight cycle of middle fingers and left my future in flux.

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To marathon or not to marathon? A little fun with numbers.

It started with Stripey’s post about what your top 5 says about you. And in my comment, I realized that of my 5 favorites, 4 came from 2007 (Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Seto no Hanayome, Higurashi Kai), and the other candidates aired in 2006 (Haruhi season 1, Higurashi season 1). And then I realized all of those were shows that I had marathoned. So it got me thinking. Is there something about watching a show weekly that takes away from my enjoyment of it? Alternately, was I subconsciously boosting the scores and memories of shows I did marathon? I hypothesized watching a show on a weekly basis might take away from the enjoyment and the memories a slight bit, because I got to stew on each episode for a week, whereas when I marathon a show, I tend to be more bigger-picture focused, and not dwell on minor issues.

Happy animes for sad days

Earlier today I had to put my first-and-only, longtime dog to sleep after many years of camaraderie. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. Since the moment I had to leave him behind, I’ve been torn by two different feelings. One by guilt, wondering whether a couple more days might have changed anything, and one by longing, not for the sadness that comes in the immediate aftermath, but for the good memories I have. But right now, it’s difficult to focus not on the sadness, but the happy memories.

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Character profiles, the Wild Wild West of MAL


I’m a huge fan of MyAnimeList (a.k.a. MAL). I find it to be a tremendous resource in ways ANN isn’t (although an unholy alliance between the two would be perfection). Before I start watching a series, I’ll check out the fansub list to see which groups to check out and which ones to avoid. Sometimes I’ll check it out mid-show, maybe to look up a particular seiyuu or something of that nature. Then after the show, I’ll use it, of course, to update my list to reflect the latest things I’ve seen. Or sometimes to recall which episode I’ve watched up to (particularly handy if you haven’t watched a show in a while and don’t want to re-download an episode you’ve already watched). And after each episode I’ll check out the forums to see what other people thought. And last but not least, I often use MAL as a reference when writing, most of time to make sure I’m referring to characters by their right name, using the right spelling, etc. (I have grammar/spelling/detail-nazi tendencies).

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Blog Pimping Chain Letter

I’m an unabashed noob, so my list is short, but what the hell. I’ll keep the party going with my terrible, terrible haikus.

From Martin: (I don’t know Martin, but since everyone’s calling him Martin, I assume that’s his name 😉 )

Here’s my attempt at irony: a recently-established blog that somehow tries to draw attention to other blogs. Heh. Actually the reason I’m posting the links here is that I’ve started to find I’ve been moving more and more feeds on my feedreader into the wittily-titled Hiatus Disease folder; a feeling shared by others if this is anything to go by. Fresh meat for your feedreader is important so without coming across as arrogant (I know I rule but that goes without saying, right?) I want to see more posts like this one from the rest of you. Hit me with your Recommendation Stick!

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