Sacred Seven Episode 11: Camp and Pointless as Hell, and That’s Why I Love It

aka, the Meido Army Moves Out Again

Finally, in the penultimate episode, the plot is kicking into high gear. By kicking into high gear, I mean blaming it on the formerly ambiguous villain, who’s now straight on campy and evil to a bizarrely enjoyable degree. The plot’s thin as can be and almost nonsensical and too convenient with its twists and turns, but Sacred Seven never claimed to be high art in the first place. And I’ll tell you, this is about as lowbrow as anime gets while still remaining surprisingly enjoyable.

It may be the lack of sleep tinting my view of this otherwise mediocre series, but I found this episode to have what most of the previous episodes lacked—over the top, cartoonish violence and the straight “Screw you, I want to be a god!” motivation for the villain. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 11: Camp and Pointless as Hell, and That’s Why I Love It”

Sacred Seven Episode 10: A Very Special Christmas Episode Three Months Too Early

To get things out of the way, no I didn’t write anything about the previous week of Sacred Seven. Not only did I watch it a week later than I should’ve, but I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything remotely worth mentioning about the damn episode. It furthered no plots, writing play by play descriptions of action scenes is tedious, and it just wasn’t bad enough to warrant tearing it apart. It was bad, but not in a way that’s gleeful to laugh at.

So with that long winded introduction out of the way, here’s episode ten, which is as ham-fisted as it is lacking in any sort of logic. Thankfully, the ensuing brain damage is offset slightly by the continued replacement of character names with Final Fantasy characters in the subtitles. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 10: A Very Special Christmas Episode Three Months Too Early”

Sacred Seven Episode 8: This is Just Depressing

I watch you when you sleep.

Sorry that this post was put up later than usual. It’s just that after watching this episode of Sacred Seven, I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything interesting to say. Seriously, I wracked my brain for two days trying to find a way to say in none too succinct a manner that this episode was boring.

It was so horribly banal, so contrived, so pointless, that I actually paused less than halfway through to catch up on the unbelievably stupid Grenadier, and to take screencaps of characters in the Kanon VN saying “Dickballs”. What’s sad is I can say that doing both of those was a million times more productive than watching this episode of Sacred Seven, and I actually felt a part of my soul die a horrible death at the thought of going back to finish things up. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 8: This is Just Depressing”

Sacred Seven Episode 7: Real Villains Don’t Wear Bike Shorts

This week, Sacred Seven tried and failed to present a moral dilemma for its characters. It could’ve actually worked if they didn’t have our apparently exercise-obsessed villain outright state “Ahaha! We are so evil, but now Ruri and Alma might find out that we’re the real bad guys!” at the end. Thank you, Sacred Seven, I was actually attempting to remember the events of previous episodes, rather than block them out of sheer boredom, before you came around and ruined any sense of mystery. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 7: Real Villains Don’t Wear Bike Shorts”

Sacred Seven Episode 5: Beach Vacations and Dark Stone Slaying Go Hand in Hand

When a maid points this at you, run.

Wow is Sacred Seven either lazy or uninspired. I could just leave this episodic at that and move on, but I’m a writer on this site for a reason, and that’s to provide episodic reviews more than one sentence in length. How lazy is Sacred Seven by episode five? The past two episodes have been complete filler. Brace yourselves because you’re about to be blown away by the revelation… this is Sacred Seven’s beach episode. And it’s in the first half. If that doesn’t scream “We’re tired of working on this!” I don’t know what does. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 5: Beach Vacations and Dark Stone Slaying Go Hand in Hand”

Sacred Seven Episode 4: A Riveting Tale of Baffling Statues

T'is the season for inane statues

With each passing week, Sacred Seven keeps hovering around the line of mediocrity. Once more, its silly elements that are a joy to watch in their ridiculous glory are balanced by drama that isn’t all that compelling, and action that ends way too quickly. Unfortunately by now, the meido army gimmick has worn out its welcome as well. I’d hesitate to call Sacred Seven bad, but whenever it takes a minute to actually make itself appealing, it seems to cower from the idea of success and curl up with its security blanket of boring clichés. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 4: A Riveting Tale of Baffling Statues”

Sacred Seven Episode 3: Winners Don’t Use Drugs

After the middling followup to the somewhat promising first episode, Sacred Seven seemed poised to be completely average in every respect, with very little focus on a main story. I can’t say that this episode completely dispelled that, but it gave a possibility for something more than the sum of its parts. And all it took was a reasonable introduction of drugs into the mix. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 3: Winners Don’t Use Drugs”

Sacred Seven Episode 2: A Lesson in Irresponsible Skydiving

It’s pretty well established that Sacred Seven is on the fence as far as taking itself too seriously goes. On one hand, you have heartfelt drama and a dark past that makes Alma thinking he’s the equivalent of the Hulk more believable. On the other, you have a maid combat force and a girl jumping out of a plane without a parachute because there’s apparently no time to put one on. Even if it is taking itself ridiculously seriously, it’s hard to tell with the goofy character antics. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 2: A Lesson in Irresponsible Skydiving”

Sacred Seven First Impressions: Meido Army, Move Out!

Hello, here be Lemmi writing his first initial impressions post for Rabbit Poets, and here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the spiritual successor to Code Geass. Oh sure, they play it off as an entirely different series, but it has all the Code Geass trademarks: Dichromatic eyes, ninja maids, roller skating mechs, and over the top actions and dialogue that make you wonder if they’re serious or taking the piss out of themselves.

Continue reading “Sacred Seven First Impressions: Meido Army, Move Out!”