Extending the writer deadline


It was always my intent to extend the deadline for the spring season, but after some thinking, I figured it made no sense to lock out the other 50 weeks of the year and potentially miss out on talented writers. So the “join the team” option is now a persistent navigation item above. With that said, the deadline for the spring season has been extended to Saturday, March 5. Two weeks is much more symmetrical than 8 days. Click the join link to apply.

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And then there were three. Say hello to…

Some of you may be familiar with this new author, as she’s been a contributor to the aniblogosphere for quite a while now, but for those of you that aren’t, I’d like to introduce you to Janette! Janette also runs her own blog called Black and Blue Socks, which she’ll continue to run and I implore you to check out. But she’ll also be moonlighting as a Rabbit Poet for at least through the spring season, covering Heroman and continuing the K-ON tradition. So if you know her, stop by to say hello. And if you don’t know her, well… even more reason to stop by and introduce yourself! You can also follow Janette on twitter as blackbluesock. Welcome! –RP

Two rabbits and one shoujo
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What do you want to see in a season preview post?

No! Windows 7 was my idea!

So Scamp’s spring 2010 season preview post reminded me that it’s that time of the year again. It’s like clockwork. As soon as I get some distance from the previous season preview post, chartfags releases a new chart and suddenly it’s time for a new season. It’s a vicious cycle that will never be resolved until I can one day knock the Earth from its rotational axis.

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Looking ahead to 2010

There’s nothing like the end of the year to make you reflective. I had hoped to start this post off by proudly announcing that although I’d been accepted to grad school for September 2010, I still planned to continue the blog. Unfortunately, all four schools I applied to gave me the middle finger, and since I had given the middle finger to considering any safety schools, it created this whole endless eight cycle of middle fingers and left my future in flux.

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Rabbit Poets featured on AnimeBlips? Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

I hate talking about myself. Doing so makes me blush brighter than Hinagiku sharing a moment in an onsen. Even my "site stuff" category is very bare. In the near year I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve written a site-introspective post just 4 times. One being my standard "hello world" post, and the last one way back in February when I finally replaced the standard Atahualpa horticultural header images with something more fitting.

Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

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It’s starting to look like an anime blog around here

This is a pretty long and self-aggrandizing post, so I don’t know if anyone besides me is going to find this interesting, but whatever. If you like reading about people’s thought processes, it should be interesting. And if not, go to the next post to see Mariya in a nurse uniform.

I finally took the time to change a couple little things that (I think) make this blog look a lot better. For a creative person with Photoshop proficiency, it probably wouldn’t have taken more than a couple hours. For a non-creative person like me, with only the bare minimum Photoshop skills, it took… well, it only took a few hours, but it was chances I had to concede and the two months of thinking I had to do in advance that made it a struggle.

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