Twelve Moments in Anime 2009: #6 – Mii-chan makes a beeline

CCY has thrown down his Twelve Moments of Anime gauntlet, inviting others to join him everyday until Christmas in recalling their 12 favorite anime-related things of the year. Continuing the countdown with moment #6 comes from one of my favorite shows of the season, Sora no Manimani.

Mii-chan spots a bogey at 6 o'clock

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Sora no Manimani, episode 11 – Hime abuse

When I first heard Hime speak, I expected to hear a soft, meek voice coming from her. Basically Mamiko Noto. But I was surprised to hear a higher-pitched, more peppy voice for her. Of course, my preconceptions of Hime was that she was a total passive wallflower. And while, she’s sort of meek in the confession sense, she’s actually turned out to be a pretty fiery character. So that’s my long winded way of saying, I really like the way Haruka Tomatsu’s voicing her. Of course, there’s very little about Haruka Tomatsu that I don’t like.

Mii-chan loves snowHime and Edogawa freeze together

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Sora no Manimani, episode 9 – It’s not a cult, it’s an Astronomy Network

I think perhaps I’ve become a bit too cynical. For the first half of the episode, as I was introduced to Oumi and her dark, mysterious eyes, her strangely conservative dress, the little too perfect tall guy with the great looks, the freaks in the club with the hots for mythological characters, the holy crap, how could a high school afford this? astronomy equipment, the division into groups, I wondered when the other shoe would drop: the one where Mii-chan and co. realized this was no Astronomy Network, this was a sinister cult with malevolent designs on taking over the world! For better or for worse, this shoe never dropped, and we got a real solid episode with finally a little backstory for the anemic club president, Roma. Regardless, I think I may have to lay off the sugar for a while.

Mii-chan has high hopesHime doesn't want new rivals

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Sora no Manimani, episode 5 – Ecchi Fumin is no love interest

Unfortunately, this episode was a little lighter on the gags, and also light on Mii-chan as well, so it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the first four eps. Still, even though it focused more on Fumin, who I don’t particularly have strong feelings one way or the other for, it had its moments. Like Mii-chan mizugi action! (cue Edogawa going crazy… or not?)

Fumin thinking ecchi thoughtsHime enjoys stargazing

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